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Mast Climbers


Mast Climbers and transports (hoists) are an established and proven product that can increase productiveness, efficiency and safety on many scaffold projects. Chinook added this tool into its inventory in April of 2012.


The Mast Climbers provide a way to access large surface areas. It does so in a manner that allows the entire deck to move vertically using a gas engine and hydraulics. It can perform this with large amounts of weight loaded on it and move it with speed and ease. It can be configured to many sizes, lengths and shapes to suit the needs of the projects and is capable of extreme heights and curved accesses. This ability to move allows the workers to work safer and more efficiently as they no longer have to crouch and reach over workzones. They simply move the deck to the desired height. Not only does this allow for proper ergonomics, it also decreases crane times on projects, sometimes completely eliminating the need for one as it can transport up to 10,000lb of men, tools and materials to desired heights.


Having the Mast Climber in our fleet provides us with a valuable tool; projects that would at one time have been a great logistical challenge are now possible with conventional scaffold.


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