About half of all Canadians are eligible to give blood — though only 1 in 60 do so, according to Canadian Blood Services. Fewer than 400,000 people donate regularly. Go to and join Chinook's commitment to helping our community.

Chinook Scaffold is very proud and excited to be a part of this project for our Vancouver Island branch - Martin MARS - Coulson Flying Tankers hoarding!

Martin Mars water bomber hoarding

Martin Mars water bomber hoarding

Martin Mars water bomber hoarding







June, 2015


Chinook creates a custom hauler for our scaffold components:


In January of 2015, Chinook Scaffold's owner - Mike Moore initiated a challenging project - create a custom hauler for our scaffolding components that will turn heads as it travels to construction sites, hydro-electric projects, pulp & paper mills, oil & gas projects, petrochemical sites and more, throughout Western Canada.

We want to put smiles on all those who get a glimpse of it as it travels the highways, loads and unloads on job sites, and makes the occasional stop or two for photo ops for the kids. This undertaking has been a challenge for the Chinook Team and our suppliers. The extraordinary result is a testament to all who went the extra mile every step of the process to bring this project to life.

  • 001
  • Our factory fresh 2016 Peterbilt arrivesIn March of 2015, our "just off the line" 389 is delivered to Prince George Peterbilt for the start of its transformation
  • 003
  • The transformation begins…Once in their shop, the Prince George Peterbilt Team work their magic, pulling apart our brand new truck in order to customize and install all of our specially chosen pieces transforming it into our unique hauler. Paying strict attention to all the details, both big and small, this soon to be Chinook workhorse is well on it's way to perfection.
  • 005
  • 006
  • 007
  • 009
  • 010
  • 011
  • 012
  • Readying for it's first
road tripWith all the new shiny bits 'n pieces in place, the truck is buttoned up. All shined up and looking great, it is made ready for a quick blast down the highway to the custom paint shop in Surrey, for some sprucing up of the factory paint.
  • And now all the fun really
begins…All shined and looking great - our new Pete arrives at Rags To Riches and is promptly attacked by their skilled team. All the new shiny bits that were so painstakingly added are now pulled off. All the shine is stripped away and the truck is now looking like a sad wet cat.
  • 018
  • Heavily modified and customized fendersJohhny shows his glassing skills, transforming our after market front fenders into something even cooler - bobbing the tails to give them that ol' skool look and making them flow with the body.
  • Adding the essential striping Once the body is prepped, Marty gets to work on the flames. Pulling out his fine line tape and years of experience, he curls the tape around our custom graphics like a painter with a brush, flowing with each curve. Now the hard part - doing the EXACT same to the other side!
  • 021
  • 022
  • 023
  • 024"Instead of the standard brush and paint method, let's add a little more challenge to take them up a notch - let's airbrush them in". And not just the standard sign paint, "let's use a pearl to make it pop"! Marty is show'n the skills with a little lick of pearl here, there and everywhere, outlining our killer flames.
  • 025
  • 026
  • Flashing in a little goldAfter all the striping work, the flames are reverse masked to protect the stunning pearl blue from the next stage - the gold. Making the candy paint dance in the light is all about the base colour. Coat after coat of the rich metallic gold is carefully applied to these huge panels, ensuring it goes down even and consistent
  • 029
  • Add in a little candy
coating please…With all the gold laid in and flashed up, now the finesse work begins. The exacting process of building up the many passes of transparent candy colours. This shows the many years of experience behind the paint gun. The even blending of the candy red to orange to yellow/gold in just the right amount of paint and speed requires a master's touch, and Marty steps up to the plate.
  • 034One too many passes - the red goes too dark. Uneven pattern and the paint will show "tiger stripes". Oh, and lets have the nose of the truck blend through 3 colours… and transition from one to the next and on all 3 sides perfect. "No problem"!
  • 035
  • 036
  • 037
  • 038
  • 039
  • 040
  • Reveal timeAfter many, many hours of sanding, painting, masking, more painting, more masking and yet more painting, the moment of truth arrives. Pulling all the tape and paper away to reveal that all that effort is rewarded
  • 042Nailed it! Colours are perfect, blends are absolutely amazing and the candy dances and changes hues in the light. A little more dry time and the multiple layers of clear coat can be applied. Once fully cured, the whole truck is sanded once again and buffed out to a perfect shine.
  • Our custom hood ornamentWith all that fancy paint, we can't just settle for the stock hood ornament! From a solid 6"x 6"x12" block of aircraft grade aluminum and a rough pencil sketch, the truck's crowning jewel is CNC milled to perfection. All 4 separate pieces are machined, fitted and finished.
  • 045
  • 046
  • 049
  • 050
  • 051
  • 052
  • Final touchesWith all its paint polished and finished, shiny bits back on, and detailing complete, our custom Pete 389 is brought out into the sun. The entire team is blown away by the results, and a job well done. The truck is readied for the trip back to Prince George for the final touches. Oh, and several stops along the way for a some photo ops.
  • 054
  • 056
  • 058
  • Dressed and ready for workOur new Pete made its debut at the Pro-Trucker Custom Truck Show in Chilliwack, and took home two 2nd place trophies. One for lighting and the other for "Best truck non-working".
  • 060Next show, it will have some grease on the fifth wheel, some miles on the tires and be gunning for more trophies in the "working" class. After all, ours is not just a show queen - it is a working rig! Pretty good for first time out.
  • 061
  • Now, a little less talk'n and let's get to truck'n.




August, 2013


Chinook Scaffold Systems is interviewed by Net Worth






July, 2013


See our new Chinook Scaffold TV commercial:





Chinook Scaffold Community Video:





June, 2013


Listen to Chinook Scaffold's Canada Day Radio Campaign featured on the following stations:

The River 99.7 FM
95.7 Sun FM
The Port 1240 AM
The Rush 97.5 FM
91.7 Coast FM (Sechelt)
94 X FM (Prince George)
Mountain Rock FM
The Wolf 97.3 FM


Chinook Scaffold's Canada Day Ad:





January, 2013



Mast Climber ad




Chinook's new ad for our Mast Climber services will be featured in Award Magazine's February 2013 issue.


Get the first look here!


Award Magazine Link






Aborigina Adventures graphic


Chinook Scaffold Systems Ltd is proud to announce that it will be sponsoring Aboriginal Adventures Canada on CHEK television in January and February 2013.


Take a sneak peek here and if you get the chance, be sure and watch the show on Mondays at 9pm and Wednesdays at 11:30pm  (CHEK schedule).

CHEK logo





December, 2012


Hot off the press – Chinook's Radio Campaign 2013!!

Here is a list of stations where you will now be able to hear our brand new Chinook Radio Ad this New Year.


Please click here if you would like a listen



Chinook Scaffold Ad:


Chinook Scaffold Community Ad:


Chinook Scaffold Safety Ad:


and follow the links below to the radio station websites if you are in need of some good tunes!


91.7 Coast FM (Sechelt)
94 X FM (Prince George)
97 FM The Wolf (Prince George)
Mountain Rock FM
TRAIL 104.1




November, 2012


Our Education Department has been busy traveling around to job fairs promoting our training programs. Our booth has been set up in Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna, Victoria, Nanaimo, Williams Lake, Prince George, Burns Lake, Fort St John (where this picture was taken), Surrey and Chilliwack. Chinook has been pleased with the response!


job fare






September, 2012


In September Chinook's training department signed a memo of understanding with CNC for CNC to provide advertising and administration for some introductory to scaffold, scaffold awareness and inspection courses. CNC will advertise and register students and Chinook will provide the training either at Chinook's facility, the mobile training classroom or another location if specified. CNC is planning to offer the awareness and inspection course this fall as part of their mining program. CNC has satellite campuses throughout the northwest where we are offering courses now.


If you would like more information about these courses please follow this link:


CNC Continuing Education
In Prince George: 250-591-5801
Toll free: 1-800-371-8111 (Local 5801)




February, 2012


In February of 2012 Chinook Scaffold Systems Ltd. had a two page full color ad dedicated to our company and clients. This ad paid homage to our many clients and showcased our wide customer base.


bc-biz ad


Here is a link to the other articles featured in this issue of BC Business Magazine as well as copy of our ad! Enjoy!



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