Chinook cares about the air you breath, and that air can be extremely toxic; especially for those who are maintaining, cleaning and doing repairs inside boilers, digesters and other closely confined spaces. It is the nature of these types of repairs that will create these gases.

Chinook Scaffold Systems Ltd provides specialized exhaust systems. Powerful fans are mounted inside ducting that is placed inside these industrial vessels that then attaches to our scaffolding. Through this ducting we are able to extract contaminants, leaving the vessel clean and safe for workers to continue their jobs.

In the past we have had clients measure CO levels exceeding 25PPM. At that level, the vessel would have to be evacuated because it is simply too dangerous for people to work in those conditions. With the ventilation system in place, PPM levels drop dramatically, so much so that no workers would need to be evacuated.

Again we see where being safe saves money. Clean air and a clean environment provides for a safe, productive work site.

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