Community Involvement

Chinook In The Community

When we live where we work, we’re able to give back to charities, sports teams, events, and ultimately bring a positive impact to the people in our neighbourhoods.

Supporting Our Community

Chinook Scaffold Systems Ltd is a firm believer in living in the community we work in. We strive to have local offices in all our major business centers, setting up home in our communities. Satellite offices have allowed Chinook to expand into other markets, hiring and living locally.

First Nations Community

Chinook Scaffold maintains strong relationships with Canadian Indigenous people. Our First Nations Engagement Relations Team meets with the members of the communities we are actively involved in. Sustainable growth based on environmental and local cultural concerns is of the upmost importance to Chinook Scaffold.

How Can I Get Involved?

Chinook Scaffold is always on the lookout for new partners within our communities. Do you have a local charity that needs support? Or would you like to help us on our next endeavor? Visit the contact page for your local Chinook Scaffold office.